Tips on Scanning Images

Below are some simple tips on scanning good quality digital images or documents:

1 Set the proper color mode of your scanner:

  • Set the color mode of your scanner to 16-bit color to get good quality scanned image. If you want your scanned image to be of even better quality, go for the 24-bit or 32-bit option.

2 If you are scanning a document to be printed later then…

  • Scan your document at 300 dpi or higher, but remember that an image scanned at dpi greater than 300 dpi can take up a lot of disk space.
  • Do not save the scanned image in a lossy compression format like .jpeg or .jpg

3 If you are scanning an image for your web site…

  • Scan your image at 75-100 dpi, this can give you good quality, small file size images for the web.
  • Save the image file in .gif or .jpg format as this is the image format supported by all internet browsers.

4 Some simple things to do…

  • Clean the scanner glass periodically with a glass cleaner.
  • Scan only the part of the image you want to scan, crop the unnecessary part using the scanner software’s built in feature, this will save your time as well as disk space.
  • Delete all the temporary files that the scanner creates.
  • Use the gray scale or line art option to scan black and white images.
  • Use a good quality printer page to print a scanned image.
  • Do not save the image in a lossy compression file format if you want the image for further editing.

Even after taking good care of your scanning hardware, if you face technical issues, you will need help. We have put together a quick troubleshooting guide to help you resolve such issues.


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