Document Imaging Software

Document imaging is a routine, yet important task carried out by small business staff. Offices that scan a lot of paper spend a considerable amount of time doing this activity. What they need is a good document imaging software application that allows them to carry out multiple tasks quickly. Sohodox is a document imaging software using which you can scan and manage your documents.

Document imaging software like Sohodox converts your paper documents to digital form with the help of a scanner. Sohodox works with any TWAIN complaint scanner. It has a very powerful scanning tool using which you can scan your documents and add them to Sohodox. The scanned documents can be modified using its powerful image editing tools. Apart from scanning paper documents, you can also manage your scanned documents or any electronic documents using Sohodox’s many features.

Using the scanning tool, you can scan single or multi-page documents and save them as TIFF or PDF files. The Image Editor allows you to modify images and save them back to the Sohodox database (DB). Using this window, you can crop a certain area of the image, rotate it or even flip it.

You can use OCR and IFilters to extract text from scanned images, PDF files and Word documents. Sohodox can use its built-in OCR engine or the Microsoft Office OCR engine (if available). You can also copy the extracted text and paste it in another application. If the words are not recognized correctly you can modify the extracted text and save it.

Sohodox features full multi-user support. This means multiple scanning stations and users from each station can simultaneously work with the same database.

A good, dependable scanning software can complement your scanner and help you manage documents effectively, in turn enhancing the productivity of your employees.


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